So we finally learn about the “December Miracle”! I should point out that the term “sequel” is slightly misleading here. Although “後日談” does mean “sequel” in the sense that it’s “a story that takes place afterwards”, it doesn’t necessarily mean a full-on ‘KnB part 2’-type sequel and could just be a few short chapters. We’ll have to see! Jump NEXT comes out every two months.

I don’t really like celebrating my birthday. Simply because I know for a fact that even if I wasn’t alive my existence means nothing…
But I got this amazing birthday present from my aunt. He got Manny Pacquio to wish me a happy birthday ^.^

If you have not watched this yet then you’re missing everything about basketball.

Watching the Spurs is like watching Serin play. Kuroko wants a team effort and that’s what we have here.

I really do love the Spurs.
Championship is coming!!!!